React Native Taxi App. Configure Google Maps

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React Native Taxi App. Configure Google Maps

Cristian Echeverria
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Let's dive into the first video of the React Native Taxi App series. I decided to create a video version of this series about How to Build a React Native Taxi App for both iOS & Android.

Note: This is the Pro Video version of my post about Google Maps, Geolocation and Unit Test on React Native

Because if one image is better than thousands of words, imagine a video!.

Also, I received a couple of emails asking for a video, Udemy course, or something else to follow the process of building a Taxi App. That's why I decided to create this premium version of my series.

Thanks for your support! 

What you will find on this first video:

- React Native CLI version 0.65 βš›οΈ

- React Hooks πŸͺ 

- Unit Test with React Testing Library Native πŸ“š 

- Google Cloud Platform Setup β˜οΈ 

- Google Maps API SDK for Android and iOS devices βš™οΈ

- How to style your Google Maps πŸ’…

- Show user current location 🌍

- Handle user location permissions 🌍

πŸ¦‰ Unit Test

To be confident about your code is always recommended that we should test our code. That's why one of the focuses of this react native taxi app series is to dive deep into unit testing our code as much as possible.

If you want to have some seniority level for your react native apps, testing your app is a mandatory feature, and this series can help you achieve that.

In this chapter, you will learn how to test your app using React Native Testing Library πŸ“š 

You will learn how to mock:

  • react-native-maps

  • react-native-permissions

  • react-native-geolocation-service

πŸŽ₯  List of Videos:

  1. Create React Native Taxi App (9:46)

  2. Run App with Emulators (4:25)

  3. Setup Google Cloud Project (5:41)

  4. iOS Google Maps Build Configuration (7:23)

  5. Android Google Maps Build Configuration (4:16)

  6. Show Google Map using the Emulators (8:21)

  7. Setup React Native Permissions (5:36)

  8. Use React Native Permissions (16:13)

  9. Show user current location (11:24)

  10. Add custom map style (10:14)

  11. Unit Test (40:20)

I want this!
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